Saturday, November 15, 2008

Susan's Organic Scallop Curry Stew

Hey, I had only six scallops for dinner. They were very fresh, but I couldn't serve that as a stand alone. So I threw the scallops into a frying pan with a generous dose of white cooking wine and virgin olive oil. I cooked them on medium heat until they were almost done, adding a shake of Watkins 100% Organic Dill, Watkins 100% Organic Garlic Powder and Watkins 100% Organic Curry Powder. Wow that curry powder is good. I didn't have to go digging in my cupboard for my spices as I have a Watkins Spice Rack sitting on my counter top and all I have to do is whirl it around and 16 different organic spices are immediately at my fingertips. After the scallops were almost cooked I used a slotted spoon to put them in a bowl and set them aside. In my fabulous fishy curry juice in the pan, I added chunks of fresh garlic, chunks of half a red onion, small chunks of one fresh zucchini from the garden and small chunks of one small fresh eggplant. If I'd had mushrooms, then mushroom chunks would have been very good in this. So I sauteed the vegetables until they were soft adding olive oil as needed so my curry juice wouldn't disappear. Then I put in half a stick of butter and a tablespoon of flour. And I added milk, making a lovely white vegetable sauce to accompany my scallops. Now I added my Watkins Sea Salt, and a lot more Watkins curry to taste. Wow, was this tasting good. I put the scallops back in and I had a sweet Scallop Curry Stew in less than 40 minutes. My husband was very happy. And he got lots to eat.
Susan Fox

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