Sunday, December 14, 2008

Host a Party, Earn Free Watkins Products!

This past fall, I invented a new kind of Watkins Party -- called "Party in the Ether With Me." It's the kind of party that requires no cooking, no cleaning, just fun. Visit with your friends in that nebulous space of air over the planet -- the Ether -- on the phone or by email, and earn a free Watkins Shopping Spree. My hosts and hostesses typically receive $150 to $283 in free Watkins product. Guests at this "party" win prizes and have the chance to order Watkins quality products without paying for shipping.

My friend, Claudia had one of these parties, and this is what she said about the experience: "I would highly recommend working with Susan to host a Watkins Ether Party. It was so easy to accomplish and it had great success. I especially appreciated that as a host, I didn't have to clean my house, prepare food, or worry about how many would attend. All I did was collect the email addresses of my friends and neighbors. Susan did the rest. She sent out the invites and information and collected the orders. The turn around was fast and friends shared that they liked shopping from their own home. Also, I was nicely surprised at how much was ordered. If you have a busy life, consider trying this method. You won't be disappointed."

Interested? Call me, Susan Fox, at (480) 671-3824

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