Thursday, February 26, 2009

The best dish soap I've found

by Susan Fox
I was in Louisiana for two weeks, and I bought Dawn Orange Dish Soap. I have sleep apnea and I use a C-Pap machine, which has to be washed regularly with vinegar and dish soap. I don't want to fly with dish soap and vinegar, so I always buy them when I get where I'm going. It's becoming quite common to travel with these machines as another traveler greeted me by holding up an identical machine on this trip. Well, I did my usual wash-up of the C-Pap, crawled into bed and put the clean nose piece on my nose. And it smelled like horrible orange! I tried later in the week rinsing and rinsing, but still it smelled like horrible orange.
Why did I never notice this before? At home, I use Watkins Liquid Dish Soap, part of our new natural plant-based home care line. It cuts through grease, leaves no noticeable scent, and I can wash my C-Pap machine, hook it to my nose with pleasure. It also comes in four fabulous scents: Aloe & Green Tea, Lavender, Lemon and Orange. They don't offend the nose like the commercial brand scents. And you can only smell them while you are washing dishes -- not afterwards. That's because there's no phosphates, dyes, SLS or Cocamide DEA.

The Watkins brand is also more economical. I used to typically use one huge bottle of Dawn in six weeks. I bought it at Costco. I would pour and pour it into the sink hoping it would take off that baked on food easily. I thought more would help. It didn't. So when I got the tiny Watkins Dish Soap Concentrate -- only 24 ounces for $6.99, I used a skewer to punch a tiny hole in the lid so my husband wouldn't dump the whole bottle in the sink in one sitting. The bottle lasted six weeks. But just a little bit actually did remove the baked on food easily. I really wouldn't use any other brand of dish soap now. My friend, Mary, said the same thing about the Watkins All Purpose Cleaner, available in the same scents. She had an old greasy fan to clean in her house and the grease just dripped off. My friend Phoebe loves our natural plant-based window cleaner. She uses it to clean the laminate in her kitchen. Because this formula is coconut-based, it won’t break down the bonds of plastic on window films and is ideal for tinted windows.

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