Saturday, October 18, 2008

We Seasoned It (the fish) with Watkins

Dear Susan,
We took a big trip up north this summer. We had a blast. They all fished on the way up and down the Alcan highway while I took pictures. I want you to know that we had ordered a few Watkins spices and creams and they were quite the hit. Krista is a very good cook and roasted fresh grayling (fish) on an open fire after she had seasoned them with Watkins lemon peel, Watkins Black Pepper and Watkins Fish and Seafood Seasoning and then wrapped them in foil. They were wonderful. We had omelets for breakfast made with Egg Starters (watching our cholesterol you know) seasoned with Watkins Omelet & Soufflé Seasoning. I had several opportunities to apply the Watkins Pain Relief Burn Cream to mosquito bites. It was very effective. I should have bought the Watkins Insect Repellent Spray
. (Everything you've ever heard about the mosquitoes in Alaska isn't quite strong enough. They're bigger and badder than that.) Pete said our camper was like a Watkins commercial so I just had to let you know about it all. I think the next time we go on a road trip I'll bring some of the Good Tastings Bread Mix because it's so easy to make.
That's all the news from here for now. Type at you later, tater. Take care.
Your favorite cousin,

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